Pantropy Server Hosting

Pantropy server hosting will be coming soon to GTXGaming. 

As soon as Pantropy is out we will be setting our control panel so our Pantropy server hosting is the best available. We make our configs so silky slick that you can easily configure your server. Even your technophobe dad could use our hosting control panel. Choose your options including server name and settings, click save and restart your Pantropy server. It really is that quick and simple. If you do get stuck simply open a support ticket and our staff will be only too glad to help.


We have the best control panel. 


We have the best support, open 24 hours for your pleasure.


We have the fastest servers and the lowest pings, utilizing i7 processors.

Happy thoughts from our Zen Life clients

GTXGaming are the best server host i have used, and i have used a lot. Their support is always very fast and reliable. They are friendly and get the problem solved fast with minimal chit chat. Thanks for GTX.

Mobile control panel

We have a mobile server control panel so you can administer your server on the go.

24-hour support

Our support is always available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Utilizing the latest technology 

We keep our machines up to date with the latest in hardware technology.